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Disposing of unsalable food products costs manufacturers, distributors and retailers millions of pounds annually. The Government has introduced landfill legislation which makes this traditional way of disposal costly.

At Leafield Feeds we are able to turn this potentially valuable food into a revenue stream that has both economic and environmental benefits. Leafield Feeds provide a full national service for food manufacturers and retailers surplus and waste production managing the whole clearance process from factory floor to transportation away from site. Thereafter we process and formulate these materials into products to be used as a quality feed for farmed animals.

Sale of Leafield Feeds Ltd to SugaRich

On 1st July 2016, the Leafield Feeds Ltd business was acquired by SugaRich. SugaRich is a UK based organisation that specialises in selling bread and biscuit products to other organisations, very similar to the Leafield Feeds organisation and business model.

Click on the link to visit the SugaRich website.

Processors of by-products from the human food industry